Amy found success through the Ticket to Work program. She was able to continue to receive long term supports through Full Circle's provider partner SEEC and continued benefits advisement through Full Circle. 

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Employed Beneficiary

Full Circle Employment Solutions works in local communities across the country assisting individuals with differing abilities become financially independent through employment opportunities. 

Full Circle uses comprehensive support services tailored to the individual needs of the people we serve. We strive to reduce barriers to employment through employment and benefits counseling and by working closely with other community providers.


Employed Beneficiary

“Amy Wallish helped me better understand my options as they pertained to my benefits and going back to work. Amy helped create a comprehensive analysis of how working would impact my benefits. I later started working with my benefits counselor who assisted me with making sure that I turned my check stubs in to the SSA office so that I wouldn’t encounter an overpayment. She is in constant communication with me and keeps me in the loop if any changes to my benefits occur."  

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Success Stories


Full Circle's Benefits Counselors can evaluate your situation and recommend options for applying for different public benefits. Our counselors can guide you through each step in the process for applying for benefits. We have a proven success rate. 


The Social Security Administration issues Tickets to beneficiaries with disabilities. The Ticket can be used to obtain services under the Ticket to Work Program. The goal of the Ticket to Work Program is to assist beneficiaries in obtaining employment and working towards financial independence.

Full Circle's employment services are designed to support individuals with disabilities to identify, obtain and maintain employment. Job placement is expected to be consistent with the individual’s interests, abilities, psychological, communication, environmental and medical needs.

Work Incentive Planning and Assistance (WIPA) projects are community-based organizations that work to enable beneficiaries with disabilities to make informed choices about work, and to support working beneficiaries to make a successful transition to financial independence.