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  • General information about available SSA benefits and other public benefits
  • Comprehensive analysis of how work impacts SSA benefits and other public benefits
  • Verification of current federal, state and local benefits    
  • Development of a Benefits Summary & Analysis and Work Incentive Plan
  • Information about valuable SSA work incentives that can maximize cash and healthcare benefits while working toward self-sufficiency
  • Advocacy for requests for reconsideration and appealing denied benefits claims  
  • Tools to help track benefits changes while working and guidance with reporting earnings and other relevant life circumstances to SSA and other entities administering public benefits
  • Ongoing benefits counseling and work incentive follow-up support through  all phases of the employment continuum
  • Education and training about benefits counseling and work incentive planning to beneficiaries and families    

Full Circle Employment Solutions Benefits Counseling services are designed to support Social Security beneficiaries along the employment continuum by promoting greater economic self-sufficiency. Through individualized benefits analysis and work incentive management, our Certified Benefits Counselors actively promote employment outcomes while assisting SSA beneficiaries in maximizing their financial outcome and decreasing their dependence on public benefits.