Contact Brian Miller at 301-284-8278, 888-466-2942 ext. 3 or for more information about employment services. 

  • Employment Preparation Explore job and career choices; develop an individual employment plan; apply for jobs; develop a resume and prepare for interviews; seek access to assistance technology

  • Job Search Search the local job market using a variety of resources; contact employers for potential jobs; track job search activities; develop and maintain relationships with employers

  • Job Placement- Match job opportunities to individuals specific vocational goals, skills and abilities; customized job placement as needed; educate potential employers about accommodating any special needs

  • Follow-Along and Job Retention- On-the-job coaching and support; regular communication with individual and employer; on-going job and skills training; follow-up evaluations and surveys; advice on advancement or promotion

  • Educate business and organizations about disabilities and special needs as it relates to the work place; assistance with finding job modification and accommodation resources; information on tax incentives for hiring people with disabilities

Full Circle Employment Solutions Employment Services support individuals with disabilities to identify, obtain and maintain employment. Job placement is expected to be consistent with the individual’s interests, abilities, as well as social, psychological, communication, environmental and medical needs. Job placement is a collaborative effort by the client, counselor, and vendor with expectations and responsibilities identified in a written employment plan. Additional services are made available to employers to facilitate the successful job retention of the new employee.