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How can Full Circle assist Ticket holders? 

Free Benefits Counseling with a Certified Benefits Counselor

  • Detailed analysis of how work will impact your benefits
  • Assistance with utilizing work incentives
  • Assistance with tracking income and reporting wages to Social Security

Free Employment Preparation

  • Explore job and career choices
  • Develop a customized work plan
  • Develop a resume and prepare for interviews
  • Assistance with job search activities and applications

Free Employment Placement, Follow Along and Retention

  • Match job opportunities that meet your job skills and interests
  • Educate potential employers about accommodating any special needs
  • Support on the job with regular check-ins with employers

Why choose Full Circle?
When you call us, you will find that we are more that just an answering machine or email address. We provide each client with customized, personal support in a timely fashion.

How to use a Ticket?
You will need to select an Employment Network (EN), like Full Circle, that you would like to work with and assign your ticket to that agency. We will then work individually with you to reach your employment goals. Feel free to contact us with any questions before making a decision at 888-466-2942 ext. 3 or 

The Social Security Administration (SSA) issues Tickets to beneficiaries with disabilities. The Ticket can be used to obtain services and support from service providers (called Employment Network or EN's) under the Ticket to Work Program. The goal of the Ticket to Work Program is to assist beneficiaries in obtaining employment and working towards financial independence. The program is a free and voluntary service. This means you can use your Ticket if you choose, but there is no penalty for not using it. If you’ve lost or misplaced your Ticket, don’t worry. Simply contact the EN of your choice and notify them that you would like to use your Ticket.